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Kenneth Daniel Remodeling and Construction provides high-quality commercial roofing services with superior customer service. Our commercial roofing services include re-roofing, maintenance, repair and roof system installation throughout the Lake Gaston / North Carolina – Virginia area.

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As a commercial property owner or multi-facility manager, you understand the importance of hiring the right commercial roofing contractor the first time.

Our commercial contractors work closely with property managers, multi-facility owners, building owners and maintenance supervisors to find and implement the best possible commercial roofing solution. From repair to new roof installation, we can do it all!

Commercial roofing services in North Carolina

Why Choose Kenneth Daniel Remodeling and Construction For Your Commercial Roofing Needs?

We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality commercial roofing services to our customers at an affordable price. From the first inspection of your commercial property, to the roofing services that will be done, our customers best interests are our top priority!

If your commercial property needs a new roof, roof repair or roof maintenance, you can be confident that Kenneth Daniel Remodeling and Construction will do the job on time and with quality craftsmanship!

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If your commercial roof has been damaged by hail, wind, rain, or water, it’s important to get a FREE Roof Inspection. Not only this, but you’ll want to do this as soon as possible to safeguard from additional damage to your commercial property.

Damage to your roof usually isn’t visible from the ground! When you schedule your Free Roof Inspection, one of our roofing professionals will come to your commercial property & perform a 100% FREE ROOF INSPECTION to confirm if the roof of your commercial property has damage that should be fixed & covered by your insurance company.

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We know every kind of roof and roof material, including asphalt & asphalt fiberglass shingles, composite, metal or rubber roofing, and every type of pitched roofing and flat roofs. Making the right choice among roofing companies is every bit as crucial as making sure quality materials are used for your commercial roofing services.


Kenneth Daniel Remodeling and Construction can perform repairs, maintenance or new roof installation on most types of commercial, industrial or multi-tenant buildings.

Commercial Roofing Services - TPO Thermoplastic Polyolefin
Thermoplastic Polyolefin

TPO is one of the three different single-ply commercial roofing systems. TPO comes as a rubber roll that is rolled out and applied mechanically with screws or fully adhered with glue. White is the most common color due to its ability to reflect heat, giving you a more energy efficient roof.

Commercial Roofing Services - PVC Poly Vinyl Chloride
Poly Vinyl Chloride

This single-ply roofing membrane looks the same as TPO, but does not have the same elasticity as TPO. PVC roofing systems are best used on restaurants or other buildings requiring high chemical resistance.

Commercial Roofing Services - EPDM Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

EPDM is another single-ply roofing membrane. This system is black and can be adhered around the perimeter and ballasted with gravel rocks. EPDM has the greatest elasticity which gives it the longest lifespan if properly maintained, but is not energy efficient.

Commercial Roofing - Built Up Roofing Systems
Built Up Roofing Systems

The layers of a built up roof consist of felt and tar. Additional layers must be applied and maintained every year. If not maintained, this type of roofing system will not last long.

Commercial Roofing - Modified Bitumen
Modified Bitumen

A modified bitumen roof system can be applied hot (with a torch) or cold (just by letting it cure over time). Both provide superior quality and protection. the material used is called Ruberoid and is an asphalt-based product with rubber elements added to it.

Commercial Roofing - Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing

There are two types of metal roofs: Standing Seam and R-Panel. The difference between both is that standing seam doesn’t show fasteners and R-Panel does. Metal roofs have a greater life expectancy, but can not be applied to a flat roof.

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Reviews From Our Happy Customers

We put our customers first!

Best experience we’ve had with any roofer we’ve worked with. Great customer service and everything was done in a timely manner. The work you see speaks for itself.
meghan harrison
meghan harrison
We just bought a place at Lake Gaston a couple months ago and were looking for a roofing company to take off the old nasty shingles and put a new metal roof on. I contacted Chris at Kenneth Daniel Roofing and he came to check it out and helped us deciding what color to put up. He recommended the black metal roof and we were skeptical at first but went with his recommendation. I can tell you that putting the black metal roof on transformed our place dramatically and WOW what a difference it made. My wife and I absolutely love the black metal. They also came back and installed gutters on the back of the house where it had never been done on the back before. Not sure why, but now we have gutters on the back. The whole process from start to finish was excellent. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will use them again in the future if something else comes up!! Thanks Chris for all your help.
Chuck Edmonds
Chuck Edmonds
The staff and installers were very friendly and professional although they ran into more problems they expected Brian and Jerry and the installers handled the situation with professionalism and there work was quick and great . I would recommend Kenneth Daniels roofing to anyone.
Frankie Porch
Frankie Porch
Kenneth Daniel's replaced roof, built out 12 inch overhang around house, installed gutters and built a 12x18 screen front porch. Price was more than fair and done in a timely fashion. Cannot say enough about the quality and work ethic of our crew, Tad and Ken. They went above and beyond to deliver the project. We love the results and highly recommend!
David Conners
David Conners
I recently inherited my Mom and Dad’s house. It was in need of repair. Kenneth Daniel Remodeling helped me battle the insurance company to pay for the roof due to hail damage. At first they refused to pay. Thanks to this contractor, and the evidence he presented, the insurance paid. I am now awaiting the materials and for its replacement. I also had Kenneth Daniel color stain the cedar siding, replacing numerous planks, as well as stain the decking. Once the roof is replaced, I will report on its install. This house has sentimental value to my family. I am very happy so far. Some before and during rehab photos. This house is located in Virginia.
Mark O Keefe
Mark O Keefe
Very nice roofing job. Completed on time. No issues.
Kurt Sulzbach
Kurt Sulzbach
Great Job, I was thrilled to have David as my repair gentleman from your company. He did a great job and I felt very confident that we will no longer have a problem. The roof looks better than ever and he took pictures showing me the bad and the good of the repair. We were very happy with the quality and ability of David. Thank You. Dayle
Dayle Raymond
Dayle Raymond
Great company. I called for a roof estimate, they came out the next day. They had the best price out of 4 estimates. I signed that day materials were delivered a week later, they came the following week and installed my roof in a day. The clean up was so good you couldn’t tell they were there.
Alison Daniel
Alison Daniel
They did a great job in a timely manner!
Brenda Evans
Brenda Evans